Sucked into Twitter world

21 02 2009

I must admit, it took me quite a while to understand what all the fuss was about. Twitter that is! The micro-blogging platform that brings strangers together with their simple answers to ‘What are you doing?’ in 140-characters. After all, why would anyone, let alone strangers, want to know what I’m doing morning, noon and night.

You won’t find me twittering about a secret rendezvous with a stranger, or the time I sat next to Madonna in a London restaurant! Its more likely to be: What Are You Doing? “cycling to work in rain – must remember wear waterproof mascara – panda look not good” or “eating peppermints today – cos read article can lose weight quicker.”

I think you’ve got the picture! My 140 characters are generally uninspiring (unless you want to lose weight quickly; I’ll share with you the peppermint diet!) But surely the majority of people on Twitter, live a similar non-eventful existence, so why is it so popular?

To answer my own question, let me share a blog post that I stumbled across, by Samir Bharadwaj. He explains how you get sucked into Twitter, what keeps you there and living with the growing idiosyncrasy’s of Twittering.

Twitterpated with Twitter by Samir Bharadwaj

So I went ahead and joined Twitter, and I am currently quite twitterpated with it. I’m always a late adopter of social media and online social network sites, as I am with this 140 character restricted micro-blogging sensation. This is mostly because I don’t always assume the latest cool thing is actually going to be of any use to me. After plenty of waiting through, Twitter seemed like a mature enough idea to join in on the fun. Not that I’m saying Twitter is used for anything mature, but at least it has all grown up as a platform for fun.

I know there are few of you who are just jumping up and down there in the back dying to ask the most important question: What does twitterpated mean? And most of you in the front are just too shy to ask, so I will try to define twitterpated for you. The Urban Dictionary does a very comprehensive job at a definition, but in case you’re more in the mood for the dummies version which makes just as much sense here goes. To be Twitterpated is to be aroused, intensely attracted, enamoured, smitten, practically in heat!
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One response

23 02 2009

Wait, do I get to add the subtext “Influencer of Millions” below my name now? 😉

Glad you liked my article, and thought it worthy to include here. Hope your Twitter experiences have been interesting thus far.


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