Cool Stuff Spot – Star Wars Mimobot Thumb Drives

18 09 2009

Spotted at ThinkGeek

Limited edition flash drives

Limited edition flash drives


When a T-Shirt Tells the Tale

16 09 2009

Source: Business Week Design

When a T-Shirt Tells the Tale. Do clothes make the boss? Business Week invited readers to submit T-shirt designs to convey the spirit of notable CEOs. Read full article


Cool Stuff Spot – Microsoft’s New Zune

15 09 2009
Microsoft's New Zune

Microsoft's New Zune

Reference: Business Week

Summer sneaks-out, adidas sneaks-in winter boots

15 09 2009

Generally, I shy away from running outdoors in the winter then again, I tend to avoid all exercise after September! But I could be tempted to pound the streets in the latest addition to the adidas Originals OT-Tech collection.

Looking more like a boot than a running shoe, ZX 700 Winter Hi successfully delivers the combination of fashion (beats moon boots any day), form and function. Made with water resistant leather uppers and fabric they come in Dark Brown-Espresso and

Adidas Original OT-Tech 7X 700 Winter Hi Running Boots

Adidas Original OT-Tech 7X 700 Winter Hi Running Boots

Reference: Hypebeast

Fashion marries technology with LV USB Key

19 06 2009

Source: Louis Vuitton Resource Centre

When fashion married technology, out comes the Louis Vuitton Damier Graphite USB Key. This USB Key inspired by Vuitton’s iconic Damier Graphite signature is a key ring and USB storage device in one. It features a snap hook that enables it to be attached to either inside or outside a bag, or bag charm.

Damier Graphite USB Key has a storage capacity of 4 GB*, its available at Louis Vuitton stores and online at for $450. Being a geek sure is chic.
* 1GB = 1 billion bytes; actual formatted capacity less.

Cool Stuff Spot: Swarovski and Lego Ring

16 06 2009

Originally spotted at

Luxury Toy Jewelry

Luxury Toy Jewelry

Shoetube connecting shoe lovers

10 06 2009

If like me, you’re addicted to shoes then you’ll love web channel. A site dedicate to everything there is know about shoes. You’ll find videos clips and features that show you how to walk in stilettos, keep your shoes in tip top condition or find the perfect shoe.

There’s a shoe agony aunt who will answer shoe related questions and the Shoetube community provides a place for shoe-lovers to share their passion and even upload personal videos, as part of the ‘My Inner Sole’ series.