Cool Stuff Spot – Microsoft’s New Zune

15 09 2009
Microsoft's New Zune

Microsoft's New Zune

Reference: Business Week


Fashion marries technology with LV USB Key

19 06 2009

Source: Louis Vuitton Resource Centre

When fashion married technology, out comes the Louis Vuitton Damier Graphite USB Key. This USB Key inspired by Vuitton’s iconic Damier Graphite signature is a key ring and USB storage device in one. It features a snap hook that enables it to be attached to either inside or outside a bag, or bag charm.

Damier Graphite USB Key has a storage capacity of 4 GB*, its available at Louis Vuitton stores and online at for $450. Being a geek sure is chic.
* 1GB = 1 billion bytes; actual formatted capacity less.

Call time on phone upgrades

9 06 2009

Today I received an email from Apple, introducing me to the new iPhone 3G S due to launch 19 June in US. “The fastest, most powerful iPhone yet” was their message. But do we really need a faster or better model? Are we simply trading one iPhone 3G, without an ‘s’ for the one with an ‘s’?

I’m not against advancement but I am against the speed in which manufacturers decide to launch an upgrade. Just as you’ve worked out how to use the phone, there’s a new version waiting in the wings. A better and improved model which of course, implies that the model you bought three months earlier isn’t so great after all.

With the lifespan of phones decreasing and members of the throw-away society increasing, manufacturers should be more conscious about targeting existing customers. They know the customer is in the throws of using their product but they still see fit to entice them into an upgrade, making them fall out of love with what they already have. Behaviour that benefits the manufacturer but enthuses the throw-away-attitude.

There’s no doubt technology has improved the way we live and work but at the same time created an ever increasing problem of what to do with those phones and gadgets that we no longer want or use. Schemes such as sending old phones to under developed countries is indeed a recycling solution but the reality is some day they’ll still end up in a landfill site somewhere, just not on our country’s doorstep.

Manufacturers at least consider giving us more time with our phones before you decide to launch the next best thing. Time for us consumers to get to know them better and realise their full potential. Everything comes to an end and in its place something is born but just like our favourite granny, why not let our phones grow old gracefully and move on only when their time is truly up.

White Pearl of shopping wisdom

8 06 2009

TomTom, the Dutch company that brought us the innovative GPS car navigation system, plans to launch a device aesthetically aimed at women. The new edition ‘White Pearl’ named after its pearlised white colouring, comes with a handy silk drawstring bag and an EasyPort Mount Kit for the car.

Besides the usual route planner, touch-screen and safety camera alert function, the White Pearl device will include pre-installed points of interest to women. Categorised under names such as ‘Places to be Seen’ and ‘EverydayFashion’ it’ll provide route plans to the best eateries, entertainment spots and shopping centers.

Let’s just hope the White Pearl can find the fastest routes to the Summer Sales then it’ll definitely be a winner! Available from 11 June 2009.

TomTom White Pearl

TomTom White Pearl

Cool Stuff Spot: Kindle DX Reading Device

12 05 2009

Spotted on Amazon: Kindle DX: 9.7″ Wireless Reading Device


Kindle DX Reader

Kindle DX Reader

Cool Stuff Spot: KDDI create new collection

16 02 2009
Spotted at Au by Kiddi Spring Collection 2009

Spotted at Au by Kddi Spring Collection 2009

Partying with the Pokens

14 02 2009

Following my recent post about the latest fad gadget; the Poken.I had the opportunity to see the little blighters in real live action at the Amsterdam Twestival.

Real Life Poken Action

Real Live Poken Action