Cosmic ordering app for iPhone

21 09 2009

During my daily trawl of the technology, lifestyle and fashion pages of the online newspapers, I worringly came across an article in today’s Daily Mail Science and Technology section with the headline “Noel Edmonds launches ‘cosmic ordering’ app for iPhone users to call on the universe for help.”

Surely, no rational person would believe an iPhone app has any kind of spiritual or religious power and even more worringly, the brainbox behind the idea is Noel Edmonds, famed for catapulting Mr Blobby onto UK Television screens, say no more!

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When a T-Shirt Tells the Tale

16 09 2009

Source: Business Week Design

When a T-Shirt Tells the Tale. Do clothes make the boss? Business Week invited readers to submit T-shirt designs to convey the spirit of notable CEOs. Read full article


Summer sneaks-out, adidas sneaks-in winter boots

15 09 2009

Generally, I shy away from running outdoors in the winter then again, I tend to avoid all exercise after September! But I could be tempted to pound the streets in the latest addition to the adidas Originals OT-Tech collection.

Looking more like a boot than a running shoe, ZX 700 Winter Hi successfully delivers the combination of fashion (beats moon boots any day), form and function. Made with water resistant leather uppers and fabric they come in Dark Brown-Espresso and

Adidas Original OT-Tech 7X 700 Winter Hi Running Boots

Adidas Original OT-Tech 7X 700 Winter Hi Running Boots

Reference: Hypebeast

Cool Stuff Spot: Swarovski and Lego Ring

16 06 2009

Originally spotted at

Luxury Toy Jewelry

Luxury Toy Jewelry

Buzzwords make you hip

13 06 2009

I was at home yesterday having a discussion with a friend over the the pros and cons of the computer age. Throughout the conversation, he used buzzwords and acronyms which literally flew over my head and out the window. Of course, I could have asked him to elaborate but I didn’t like to stop him in mid-flow.

Anyhow, when he’d gone home, I pondered on whether he thought spouting buzzwords made him look smart and in turn, me stupid. Or was it the other way round. He was the stupid one, as he couldn’t speak plain English and I was the smart one, talking without using precarious words.

I needed to find out more about the use of buzzwords starting with a definition. PC Magazine described them as a term that refers to the latest technology or a term that sounds catchy. In the beginning, everyone uses the terms to appear knowledgeable and cutting edge. However, if not a flash in the pan, new technologies become mainstream, and the words soon become everyday vocabulary.

So what were the current words being used by those in the know? This year, Cramer-Krasselt, the US creative agency released an update to their popular Cultural Dictionary. A collection of words and slang reflecting the changes in our culture, not only in technology but politics and relationships too. Its a fascinating and a comical read, I say that because its hard to imagine being cool using terms like “Mullet Strategy” or “Digi-necker.”

Cultural Dictionary

Cultural Dictionary

Undoubtedly, the internet savvy generation dominate what we do, how we do it and now, what we say. It seems if you are serious about technology, culture and emerging trends then you need to understand what’s being said. You’re likely to be considered hip, using the odd buzzword than sticking rigid to the Queen’s English. I realise now that there’s no escape and after all, nobody likes to feel like an outsider. If belonging means expanding my vocabulary with a few fancy words, then I’m in!

Cool Stuff Spot – Dot to Dot Laptop Bag

10 06 2009

Spotted online at BepBags

Mina Black Laptop Bag made from Durable Micro Fiber Nylon

Mina Black Laptop Bag made from Durable Micro Fiber Nylon

Call time on phone upgrades

9 06 2009

Today I received an email from Apple, introducing me to the new iPhone 3G S due to launch 19 June in US. “The fastest, most powerful iPhone yet” was their message. But do we really need a faster or better model? Are we simply trading one iPhone 3G, without an ‘s’ for the one with an ‘s’?

I’m not against advancement but I am against the speed in which manufacturers decide to launch an upgrade. Just as you’ve worked out how to use the phone, there’s a new version waiting in the wings. A better and improved model which of course, implies that the model you bought three months earlier isn’t so great after all.

With the lifespan of phones decreasing and members of the throw-away society increasing, manufacturers should be more conscious about targeting existing customers. They know the customer is in the throws of using their product but they still see fit to entice them into an upgrade, making them fall out of love with what they already have. Behaviour that benefits the manufacturer but enthuses the throw-away-attitude.

There’s no doubt technology has improved the way we live and work but at the same time created an ever increasing problem of what to do with those phones and gadgets that we no longer want or use. Schemes such as sending old phones to under developed countries is indeed a recycling solution but the reality is some day they’ll still end up in a landfill site somewhere, just not on our country’s doorstep.

Manufacturers at least consider giving us more time with our phones before you decide to launch the next best thing. Time for us consumers to get to know them better and realise their full potential. Everything comes to an end and in its place something is born but just like our favourite granny, why not let our phones grow old gracefully and move on only when their time is truly up.