Free technology offers greener printing

16 02 2009

If you’re not already using the GreenPrint Software on your PC or Mac then you’ll need little persuading to download this free software that saves money and trees!

On those ocasions, when you need a website print-out, GreenPrint reduces wastefulness by analysing content pages and eliminating banner ads, disclaimers and footnotes before printing.

GreenPrint - saving the trees

GreenPrint - saving the trees

Still not convinced? Then its good to know that GreenPrint made it onto PC Magazine’s list of Best Free Software of 2009 and claims that if all US households with a computer used GreenPrint over $6 billion a year would be saved.

Check out the website for more information.


Difford’s Cocktail Guide on iPhone

21 01 2009

iPhone Cocktail Application

iPhone Cocktail Application

Originally reported at Apple Insider

Those of you who like to mix a drink to pass the time may have heard of DiffordsGuide, a popular cocktail mailing list. These people have brought out “Cocktails Made Easy”, a new book which now has a companion iPhone App unsurprisingly titled Cocktails Made Easy.

What is surprising is that Cocktails Made Easy is quite fully featured, sporting 530 cocktail recipes that use only 14 different ingredients. Every one of these recipes has a photograph accompanying it, and the ability to note and rate them. You can search through cocktails by what ingredients they contains, their rating, or by name.

If you only have a few ingredients at hand, you can also personalise the app by customising an on-screen “cocktail cabinet” which uses Delicious Library-esque presentation to show what drinks you have at hand, and what drinks you can make with them.

Certain details, like the ability to shake the iPhone to bring up a random cocktail, or the provided ratings and comments from the alluded to Mr. Difford make this a pretty good purchase for mixers and their drinkers alike. To top it off, it all works offline.

The people from Difford’s Guide encourage you to enjoy your cocktails responsibly, however. Quite.