When a T-Shirt Tells the Tale

16 09 2009

Source: Business Week Design

When a T-Shirt Tells the Tale. Do clothes make the boss? Business Week invited readers to submit T-shirt designs to convey the spirit of notable CEOs. Read full article



Nike Air Pegasus celebrates 25 years

28 01 2009

Nike Air Pegasus+ 25 iD Running Shoe

Nike Air Pegasus+ 25 iD Running Shoe

For those interested in sneakers, several sport brand giants are celebrating special milestones in their commercial life.

Nike for one, is celebrating 25 years of the famous Nike Air Pegasus running shoe. And to mark the occasion, they’ve launched a special edition Nike Air Pegasus+ 25 iD running shoe. The shoe is based on the original 1983 design combined with today’s technology including seamless construction and enabled for use with Nike+ iPod sport kit.

On the NIKEiD.com website, you can customize your Pegasus+ shoe by changing the colour of the laces, soles and even the swoosh. In addition, there is an option to add your own personal ID to both the left and right shoe. Perfect for creating a truly unique running shoe or to expand your sneaker collection!

Cool Stuff Spot – Butterfly iPod Dock

7 10 2008

Originally spotted by Coolest Gadgets

Butterfly iPod Dockers

Butterfly iPod Dockers

Cool Stuff Spot – Camera Pouch

25 09 2008

Originally spotted at Case Logic

Etsians accessorise technology icons

23 09 2008

With the increasing popularity of Etsy, the online community for buying & selling handmade crafts, sees the growth of sellers turning some of our greatest 21st Century technology icons into accessories and art.

Some of my favourite examples are the painstakingly detailed earrings, bracelets and cufflinks made by The Clay Collection in the guise of Xbox and Playstation controllers and even iPods, aptly categorized as Jewelry Geekery!

Xbox model earrings

Xbox model earrings

Then there’s the female artist, who confesses to once believing that all mobile phones are made equal; that was until the iPhone! Paying homage to her new iPhone, she’s designed a set of greeting cards for girl’s who hug their iPhones with the slogan: ‘This above all: to thine iPhone be true.

As for technology meets art, meets environmentally responsible clothing, the t-shirt line from Binary Winter features ‘Code Green’. A feminine, green silk-screen binary design, which sums up their beliefs that technology and sustainability are not mutually exclusive.

We’ll definitely return to Etsy in the future as we follow the creative talent that not only keeps up with fashion but our technology icons. Who knows we might be seeing t-shirts adorned with slogans of the like: “My Dream Lover is an Android”

Ultimate tech accessory

20 09 2008

Technology and fashion merged at New York’s fashion week, when HP unveiled their digital notebook disguised as a glamorous clutch bag. The hardware, adorned in peony blossoms, was designed by Vivienne Tam.

Truly a revelation in the fashion stakes but not so much in the technology stakes, the notebook is aimed at fashion forward and trend setting woman (readers of chic le geek – this is you).

But like all good things worth waiting for, you can’t get your hands on this specially designed HP notebook or Vivienne Tam’s peony blossom inspired clothing collection until January 2009 (US only).

HP Notebook

HP Notebook

In the meantime, check out Vivienne Tam’s virtual catwalk where by uploading a headshot of yourself (preferably looking fierce) you can take on the virtual persona of a catwalk model.