Cool Stuff Spot – Microsoft’s New Zune

15 09 2009
Microsoft's New Zune

Microsoft's New Zune

Reference: Business Week


Sacks fashionable on LittleBigPlanet

20 09 2008

There’s an unequalled buzz around the Sony PS3 game – LittleBigPlanet (‘LBP’) with unofficial blogs hotly debating its unique gaming content, design and development tools, before it’s even commercially available.

The hero of LBP, a quirky character that leads you through this platform adventure game is Sackboy or if you prefer, Sackgirl. Made of sack cloth, he/she is fully customizable giving you control over how he/she behaves, looks and dresses.

To celebrate its launch, Sony is releasing limited edition skins in the shape of spacesuits and t-shirts emblazoned with ‘I Was There Week One’. Other pre-order goodies include in-game costumes for Sackboy/girl and real life LittleBigPouch and LittleBigStickerBook products.

Out in US 21st October closely followed by Europe 22nd and UK/Ireland 24th, LBP is expected to spark a revolution of similar proportions to YouTube. The generation of DIY technology and gaming is truly upon us.