Google Street View video

22 09 2009

Sharing this informative video which I came across on one of my favourite tech blogs The Next Web

Google Japan has put together this gorgeous piece of stop motion video explaining how Street View works. It features a cute little robot puttering around town in a world that secretly I want to live in, taking film photographs and painting over license plate numbers with a brush.

The video is part of a drive to make the product less troublesome to people concerned about their privacy.


The mobile with WOW factor

24 09 2008

There’s no denying the excitement generated by the launch of the new kid on the block – the T-mobile G1 from Google.

It looks and sounds good: aesthetically appealing, LCD touch-sensitive screen, slide-out keyboard, Bluetooth & WiFi connectivity, 3.2 megapixel camera and weighs in at 158 grams but where’s the wow factor in that?

Its actually the Android operating system that is the star attraction providing a platform for state-of-the-art applications including internet browsing, Google mapping software, 3-D graphics interface and open-source content.

Unfortunately, the Android is not yet compatible with Microsoft Exchange which throws open the doors to third party developers. Via Google’s Android Market – a marketplace to support distribution of free / open content, developers will be able to market their applications and content for public download.

As for me, this girl geek is easily impressed and has already sent her Christmas wish list to Santa…

Battle of the mobiles

22 09 2008

Google launches their Android mobile phone tomorrow competing with the Apple’s iPhone.

Take a sneak preview (thanks to YouTube) at the Android demo from Google Developer Day, London.