Cosmic ordering app for iPhone

21 09 2009

During my daily trawl of the technology, lifestyle and fashion pages of the online newspapers, I worringly came across an article in today’s Daily Mail Science and Technology section with the headline “Noel Edmonds launches ‘cosmic ordering’ app for iPhone users to call on the universe for help.”

Surely, no rational person would believe an iPhone app has any kind of spiritual or religious power and even more worringly, the brainbox behind the idea is Noel Edmonds, famed for catapulting Mr Blobby onto UK Television screens, say no more!

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Fashion marries technology with LV USB Key

19 06 2009

Source: Louis Vuitton Resource Centre

When fashion married technology, out comes the Louis Vuitton Damier Graphite USB Key. This USB Key inspired by Vuitton’s iconic Damier Graphite signature is a key ring and USB storage device in one. It features a snap hook that enables it to be attached to either inside or outside a bag, or bag charm.

Damier Graphite USB Key has a storage capacity of 4 GB*, its available at Louis Vuitton stores and online at for $450. Being a geek sure is chic.
* 1GB = 1 billion bytes; actual formatted capacity less.

Webinar: The Digital Lives of Power Moms

14 06 2009

What does a “Day in the Life” of a technologically savvy mom look like?

Nielsen Online recently hosted a webinar (listen and follow along below) focused on Power Moms based on the recently launched “Power Moms Initiative” in conjunction with Nielsen Life360. The goal was to get a more intimate view of moms’ use of digital tools through groundbreaking video ethnographic research. As part of the study, a select group of women from around the country revealed how they use their “digital toolkits” to juggle careers, manage demanding family schedules, streamline spending through online banking, coupon sites and retailer channels. The multitude of daily tasks now performed online are stitched together by more gratifying pursuits — offline hobbies that are now slowing taking place in online spheres from scrap-booking and photo-sharing to fitness programs — enabling digital moms to achieve new levels of connectivity and fulfillment from their online experiences.

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Buzzwords make you hip

13 06 2009

I was at home yesterday having a discussion with a friend over the the pros and cons of the computer age. Throughout the conversation, he used buzzwords and acronyms which literally flew over my head and out the window. Of course, I could have asked him to elaborate but I didn’t like to stop him in mid-flow.

Anyhow, when he’d gone home, I pondered on whether he thought spouting buzzwords made him look smart and in turn, me stupid. Or was it the other way round. He was the stupid one, as he couldn’t speak plain English and I was the smart one, talking without using precarious words.

I needed to find out more about the use of buzzwords starting with a definition. PC Magazine described them as a term that refers to the latest technology or a term that sounds catchy. In the beginning, everyone uses the terms to appear knowledgeable and cutting edge. However, if not a flash in the pan, new technologies become mainstream, and the words soon become everyday vocabulary.

So what were the current words being used by those in the know? This year, Cramer-Krasselt, the US creative agency released an update to their popular Cultural Dictionary. A collection of words and slang reflecting the changes in our culture, not only in technology but politics and relationships too. Its a fascinating and a comical read, I say that because its hard to imagine being cool using terms like “Mullet Strategy” or “Digi-necker.”

Cultural Dictionary

Cultural Dictionary

Undoubtedly, the internet savvy generation dominate what we do, how we do it and now, what we say. It seems if you are serious about technology, culture and emerging trends then you need to understand what’s being said. You’re likely to be considered hip, using the odd buzzword than sticking rigid to the Queen’s English. I realise now that there’s no escape and after all, nobody likes to feel like an outsider. If belonging means expanding my vocabulary with a few fancy words, then I’m in!

Cool Stuff Spot: KDDI create new collection

16 02 2009
Spotted at Au by Kiddi Spring Collection 2009

Spotted at Au by Kddi Spring Collection 2009

Free technology offers greener printing

16 02 2009

If you’re not already using the GreenPrint Software on your PC or Mac then you’ll need little persuading to download this free software that saves money and trees!

On those ocasions, when you need a website print-out, GreenPrint reduces wastefulness by analysing content pages and eliminating banner ads, disclaimers and footnotes before printing.

GreenPrint - saving the trees

GreenPrint - saving the trees

Still not convinced? Then its good to know that GreenPrint made it onto PC Magazine’s list of Best Free Software of 2009 and claims that if all US households with a computer used GreenPrint over $6 billion a year would be saved.

Check out the website for more information.

Scientist turns to ink-jet printer for a new heart

30 10 2008

The technology is the same as that of the simple inkjet printer found in homes and offices, but Japanese scientist Makoto Nakamura is on a mission to see if it can also produce human organs.

The idea is for the printer to jet out thousands of cells per second — rather than ink droplets — and to build them up into a three-dimensional organ.

“It would be like building a huge skyscraper on a micro level using different kinds of cells and other materials instead of steel beams, concrete and glass,” he said in this city in central Japan. Read full article – CNet Australia reported by Miwa Suzuki.