Swap Tweet time for a JAJAH call

17 09 2009

If you consider yourself to be an early adopter then you might be interested in the Beta Twitter-JAJAH application which allows you to make free two minutes calls (the verbal equivalent of a tweet) to other Twitter users without giving your telephone number away.

You only need to tweet “@call @twittername” and where “twittername” is, type the Twitter name of the person you wish to call. Your phone will then ring and the call is connected. Of course, the other person must be a member of JAJAH for it to work!

BETA invitations have already been sent to selected Twitter accounts. If you’re fortunate to have received one, it will show up under “My Services” / “My Account” / “Twitter Calls.” And if not then you can email them to request an invitation twitter@jajah.com


Prototype twitter wearable speech bubble

2 07 2009

Source: Aram Bartholl – Blog

Pocket Tweets – a cell phone display enabled Twitter shirt for everyday use.

Pocket Tweets takes advantage of existing technology. Why invent a new screen when the mobile phone, our private mobile window to the digtal world is already there? A small Java application is offered for download to be installed on an internet activated cell phone. The application asks for the Twitter screen name, then receives the latest tweet from the web and displays the message on the screen. The concept is to wear the phone in a custom designed pocket on a shirt, jacket or bag. A speech bubble shaped cut-out in the cloth shows the displayed message to the public. The ubiquitous mobile phone turns a normal shirt into wearable technology. The private screen of the mobile phone becomes a public display.

Tweet Bubble Series

Tweet Bubble Series

One giant leap for Twitter

13 05 2009

Source: Daily Mail

Hubble astronaut sends first ever Twitter message from space to say he is ‘enjoying the view’

A Nasa astronaut has become the first person to use Twitter in space, during a mission to fix the Hubble telescope.

The free social networking and micro-blogging website allows users to send and read other user’s updates.

It has already proved enormously popular particularly with celebrities who keep their fans up to speed on their latest movements.

Mission specialist Mike Massimino has been updating his 242,000 followers on preparations for the Hubble mission since April 3rd.

Today he tweeted: ‘From orbit: Launch was awesome!! I am feeling great, working hard, & enjoying the magnificent views, the adventure of a lifetime has begun!’

He plans to continue ‘tweeting’  under his Twitter name Astro_Mike while the shuttle is in orbit.

In his final tweet on Earth he wrote: ‘I’m going to put my spacesuit on, next stop: Earth Orbit!!’

Nasa has not placed any limits on what Mr Massimino can tweet about.  The messages or ‘tweets’ can only be up to 140 characters in length, but such brevity will suit the veteran spacewalker who will be busy upgrading the orbiting telescope.

He emails his messages to Mission Control in Houston, Texas, who then upload them to his Twitter page.

The mission includes five risky spacewalks and has been labelled Nasa’s ‘most dangerous shuttle mission’ due to the large amount of space junk in orbit close to where they will be operating.

There is even a back-up rescue crew on standby should events take a turn for the worse.

Despite this, Mr Massimino has remained upbeat about his upcoming stint in space.

‘Viewing the Earth from space is the most beautiful sight, words cannot describe the experience, can’t wait to see that sight again!’ he wrote recently.

Hubble astronaut Twitters from space

Hubble astronaut Twitters from space

This won’t be Mike’s first mission into space. He took part in the last Hubble telescope servicing mission in 2002 and completed two space walks totaling nearly 15 hours during the ten-day visit.

Over the last five weeks he has revealed what it is like training for a flight.

‘Completed our final practice for spacewalk 2 in the big pool, huge IMAX camera was in the pool with us filming a 3D movie, really fun day,’ he wrote on April 17th.

Other tasks included attending a space photography class to learn how to take memorable snaps as well as practicing inspections of the space shuttle with the robot arm.

In the final days before launch he and his fellow six astronauts carried out last minute preparations and enjoyed meals with their friends and family in quarantine.

You can follow Mr Massimino’s on Twitter at www.twitter.com/astro_mike

Shopseen: A Lifestream for Shopaholics

21 04 2009

a5530141fclogo2Source: Mashable

This post is part of Mashable’s Spark of Genius series, which highlights a unique feature of startups. If you would like to have your startup considered for inclusion, please see the details here. The series is made possible by Microsoft BizSpark.

Name: Shopseen

Quick Pitch: Social shopping for local shoppers. Post pics of interesting products, find out what’s available around you now and earn gift cards to the best local stores.

With Shopseen you can either sign in via Facebook Connect (sign in with Twitter is coming soon) or create a new account. Then you can use the site to share products and accompanying personal photos from your shopping outings. Other users can then like or comment on your seen product, or add photos of their own.

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Twittering and watching YouTube videos ‘makes workers more productive’

14 04 2009

A report by the Daily Mail revealed an Australian study found surfing the internet for fun during office hours actually increased employees productivity by nine per cent.

Study author Mr Coker said surfing the net helps workers to rest their brains
Study author Brent Coker, from the University of Melbourne said ‘workplace internet leisure browsing,’ or WILB (Workplace Internet Leisure Browsing), helped to sharpen workers’ concentration.

‘People need to zone out for a bit to get back their concentration,’ he said.
‘Short and unobtrusive breaks, such as a quick surf of the internet, enables the mind to rest itself, leading to a higher total net concentration for a days’ work, and as a result, increased productivity.’

According to the study of 300 workers, 70 per cent of people who go online at work engage in WILB. Among the most popular activities are reading online news website, playing online games and watching videos on YouTube.

‘Firms spend millions on software to block their employees from watching videos, using social networking sites or shopping online under the pretence that it costs millions in lost productivity,’ said Mr Coker.

‘That’s not always the case.’

However, Coker said the study looked at people who browsed in moderation, or were online for less than 20 per cent of their total time in the office.

‘Those who behave with Internet addiction tendencies will have a lower productivity than those without,’ he said.

Sucked into Twitter world

21 02 2009

I must admit, it took me quite a while to understand what all the fuss was about. Twitter that is! The micro-blogging platform that brings strangers together with their simple answers to ‘What are you doing?’ in 140-characters. After all, why would anyone, let alone strangers, want to know what I’m doing morning, noon and night.

You won’t find me twittering about a secret rendezvous with a stranger, or the time I sat next to Madonna in a London restaurant! Its more likely to be: What Are You Doing? “cycling to work in rain – must remember wear waterproof mascara – panda look not good” or “eating peppermints today – cos read article can lose weight quicker.”

I think you’ve got the picture! My 140 characters are generally uninspiring (unless you want to lose weight quickly; I’ll share with you the peppermint diet!) But surely the majority of people on Twitter, live a similar non-eventful existence, so why is it so popular?

To answer my own question, let me share a blog post that I stumbled across, by Samir Bharadwaj. He explains how you get sucked into Twitter, what keeps you there and living with the growing idiosyncrasy’s of Twittering.

Twitterpated with Twitter by Samir Bharadwaj

So I went ahead and joined Twitter, and I am currently quite twitterpated with it. I’m always a late adopter of social media and online social network sites, as I am with this 140 character restricted micro-blogging sensation. This is mostly because I don’t always assume the latest cool thing is actually going to be of any use to me. After plenty of waiting through, Twitter seemed like a mature enough idea to join in on the fun. Not that I’m saying Twitter is used for anything mature, but at least it has all grown up as a platform for fun.

I know there are few of you who are just jumping up and down there in the back dying to ask the most important question: What does twitterpated mean? And most of you in the front are just too shy to ask, so I will try to define twitterpated for you. The Urban Dictionary does a very comprehensive job at a definition, but in case you’re more in the mood for the dummies version which makes just as much sense here goes. To be Twitterpated is to be aroused, intensely attracted, enamoured, smitten, practically in heat!
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Partying with the Pokens

14 02 2009

Following my recent post about the latest fad gadget; the Poken.I had the opportunity to see the little blighters in real live action at the Amsterdam Twestival.

Real Life Poken Action

Real Live Poken Action